Fotocredits: VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Kollektiv Fischka/@niko.havranek and Stefanie Freynschlag


site-specific installation, ‚We Talk Art‘

„The conceptional and predominantly site-specific interventions by Petra Gell invite you to a discourse with space as part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2021. The Focus is on the question of the effect of space on our perception and how this is conceived or processed to represent what is given in us.The artist thinks beyond the supposed boundaries of the disciplines and interweaves painting, architecture and design in a playful, but at the same time powerful way. The medium of the installation is spun from the perspective of painting: Geometric shapes, brightly colored surfaces, drawn, painted or glued lines, which sometimes condense into grids, give new impulses and encourage sustainable exploration of space. “
Text: Paula Marschalek

The in-depth supporting program consists of conversations with three guests from different areas of cultural production. We Talk Art!:

Paula Marschalek art historian and cultural manager – Talk Petra Gell und Paula Marschalek_Transkript

Andrea Graser architect – TALK ANDREA GRASER

LISZ HIRN, philosopher


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