Fotocredits: Ken Schluchtmann, Bildrecht


MeetFrida Art Space, 2022

Meetfrida Artspace, Kantgaragen, 2022

Two locations, nine artists, one project: the group exhibition BEYOND SPACE combines different artistic positions who deal with the topic of ‚space‘ in a variety of individual approaches. What is space? Which poses procesess shape private and public spaces? And what is your relationship to them?

With BEYOND SPACE we extend and question the space and places in which we experience art.
The exhibition takes place simultaneously in two different locations: in our Meet Frida Artspace in Stilwerk Hamburg and in the soon be opend Stilwerk Berlin.

Participating artists: Renata Palekcic, Ju Schnee, Petra Gell, Mark Einsiedel und Felix Jung, Jana Schuhmacher, Tanja Hehmann, Joana Lucas, Offbeat und Stephan Hohenthanner